A Different Way Companies Should Engage on Snapchat

Snapchat is not just a millennial’s app anymore. With over 100 million users they have established themselves as a media platform. The Discovery feature on Snapchat is a great hub of news, humor, videos, trends, tips, celebrities, sports and more. Companies can utilize this feature by having their own discovery channel that is updated every day, having their products featured on someone else’s channel, or having a channel that is live only for special events like red carpets, rallies, or sporting events.

But companies can also have a regular Snapchat account like everyone else and use that to engage with their loyal brand followers. Imagine that celebrity that you love more than anyone else. Following them on Snapchat is a fun way to see what they are up to in their regular life. For someone who loves say, a particular brand of outdoor recreational equipment, how great would it be for them to see what that brand is up to throughout the week!

Not only can you better engage the customers that love your products already, but you can create great buzz around your brand by having authentic snaps. Lets all recall the amazing following DJ Khaled had around his hysterical Snapchat stories. If you can gain a following on your own account you can better connect with your followers than you could on the discovery page.

Some companies have already realized this and are executing this idea beautifully. For example, BirchBox has had huge success utilizing the app. A key part of their design is making the products and the packaging beautiful so they are fun to share on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and you guessed it, Snapchat. BirchBox takes followers behind the scenes to beauty events, and showcases next month’s products ahead of time on their stories. They even used the newer calling feature on Snapchat to have real, direct conversations with their followers. They found that plenty of their followers were not subscribers so they could better pitch the service to them during this time. They also used this time to gage their current customer service quality. BirchBox understands what it means to engage with their followers on the platforms that they are already on and is really serving their customers instead of just shouting out into the void. So for that, I applaud BirchBox.


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