What Do You Do When Your Social Media Campaign Flops?

Earlier this season Vera Bradley launched their new “Its Good to be a Girl” campaign in an effort to rebrand themselves as a brand for all kinds of women and not just for grandmothers. In the wake of Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign and Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign, Vera Bradley needed to realize that if they are going to take this route they are going to be directly compared to these excellent campaigns. And they did stand up to the competition.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 11.21.11 AM.png

For a lot of women this campaign did not resonate well. When using a hashtag like ‘its good to be a girl’ you have to be prepared for all the different kind of responses people are going to share. It is a good idea to have people participate in your campaign, but Vera Bradley should have thought some more before publishing some of the responses like they have.


Not all women are girly and interested in accessorizing. Being feminine is so much more than all of those things and for Vera Bradley to miss this in today’s digital world was a huge misstep for the brand as they are trying to create a new image.

So what does Vera Bradley do? Instead of showcasing this campaign to all women, as was the original intent, instead they used Facebook to target these ads to women that showed specific inclinations to enjoy this type of content. This makes them more likely to share the videos with positive words. This is a much better move than releasing the videos to everyone and having to take on the comments from everyone. Although Vera Bradley was not able to achieve their original goals with this campaign, they are still able to get some ROI from it even with the backlash that they have had. So while you might not like the campaign, you have to give them props for the attempt to land on their feet.


One thought on “What Do You Do When Your Social Media Campaign Flops?

  1. although i little know very little about Vera Bradley i still think this was a very informative posts. Companies need to constantly look for better ways to put their info on social media so consumers can see what the company stand for. It seems as Vera Bradely has taken big steps to alter their social media use to re-brand their products to wider range of consumers
    -James braden Weaver


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