Instagram Adds New Feature To Protect Users From Trolls

Just yesterday, Instagram introduced a new feature available for users. Specifically designed to help users with large volumes in their comment sections, like celebrities, users are more capable of fighting trolls by blocking certain words, phrases, and even emoji’s from being visible under their posts. In the statement on the Instagram blog, CEO Kevin Systrom comments on the amazing growth Instagram has seen in the past few years saying, “With this growth, we want to work diligently to maintain what has kept Instagram positive and safe, especially in the comments on your photos and videos”.

The statement includes instructions on how the new feature can be operated, complete with pictures. Users can list words that they find “offensive or inappropriate” and comments with these words will not appear on the user’s posts, as well as remove the comment section off their posts all together. Systrom notes that while they don’t expect this feature to completely solve the complex problem of trolls, they are excited to take this next step.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 11.11.06 AM.png

This new feature has been rumored to already be in use by Taylor swift who has supposedly used the feature to block the snake emoji. Kardashian fans have been posting it all over her posts in retaliation to the Famous scandal in order to label her as a snake.

To read the full post, visit Instagram’s blog at:



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